Return to Work: A Path Forward Toolkit

What will return to work look like?  This is a question being grappled with at all levels and its timing weighs heavily on us all as we attempt to balance safety and economics. No matter the timing, one thing is certain, returning to work will be a gradual process and will vary by many factors including location, sector, business type and/or size and health status of employees. It will require continued social distancing, use of PPE and other safety measures.While we do not know when return to work will happen, we know we must begin planning for it now. There will be new policies and processes, requirements and restrictions of which we have not had before.
As the State of Ohio rolls out their plan, all employers need to consider how to best decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact in the workplace. The Fostoria Area Safety Council in partnership with the Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce and Fostoria Economic Development Corporation have created a Return to Work: A Path Forward Toolkit.  This toolkit will focus on three areas based upon the Center for Disease Control guidance for employers. This guide also includes guidance recently issued by OSHA and takes into consideration information from the Ohio Department of Health as well as resources on the CARES Act in regard to emergency sick leave and FMLA.
We have embedded external links for additional information and resources throughout the document and other useful links to full text of the guidance issued by both the CDC, OSHA and the Ohio Department of Health and other helpful resources. In addition, is the Smart Start Playbook developed by Magna and shared with us via RGP/Jobs Ohio. The Magna Smart Start Playbook is a great comprehensive example of policy, communication, leadership and resources and may be used as a template for your own business.
We realize information and regulations are and will change daily. We will provide updates and amend this document as appropriate, including the State of Ohio’s plan to announced throughout this week. Updated versions will be posted on both the Chamber and FEDC COVID-19 Resource pages.

Small Business & Entrepreneur Relief Grant Opportunities

Small businesses are the foundation of our communities and our economy. Employing nearly half the American workforce, they keep our neighborhoods running and make them feel like home. The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have wrought unprecedented financial uncertainty. Small businesses need resources and relief — and they need it now.  While loan programs have been rolled out to assist, there are also a number of grant opportunities as well.  We have put together a list and are updating is a new opportunities arise.

Click here to learn more.

Chamber Launches Small Business Resiliency Toolkit

None of us expected to ever be in this situation due to a global pandemic, but here we are and we need to change how we do business and how we move forward with a stronger business model. We have created the Small Business Resiliency Toolkit to provide resources to help you during this time to make your business resilient and hopefully come back even stronger. We continue to seek helpful resources and will be adding more regularly.  If you are seeking help on a specific topic, please reach out and let us know:

Small Business Resiliency Toolkit