None of us expected to ever be in this situation due to a global pandemic, but here we are and we need to change how we do business and how we move forward with a stronger business model. We have created the Small Business Resiliency Toolkit to provide resources to help you during this time to make your business resilient and hopefully come back even stronger. We continue to seek helpful resources and will be adding more regularly.  If you are seeking help on a specific topic, please reach out and let us know:

Co-   Small Business Resources & Virtual Events from the US Chamber

The US Chamber has created CO and comprehensive platform for small business.  The website provides a multitude of resources, from starting your business, growing your business, building your brand and getting advice from experts and industry leaders.

Stand for Small

Small Business Saturday and American Express have teamed up to launch Stand for for Small.  Stand for Small is a one-stop shop with resources, offers and tools from a growing group of companies that want to help small businesses get back to business.  Whether you’re shifting your business online or switching to takeout and delivery.  Stand for Small hopes to help small businesses navigate the current climate.  Learn more at

Free Webinars:

An HR Roadmap to Reopening Your Business

Tune into this free webinar, as Trent Bryson, CEO of Bryson Financial, sits down with Kristie Pastore, CEO of Culture Works HR, to discuss how you can build your proper reopening roadmap.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Business Reopened Safely & Profitably

Join Bob Prosen as he discusses the most important things to communicate to customers and how to prioritize the safety of both customers and employees.

Get Your Business Into Recovery Mode

Join author Mark W. Johnson as he explores adjacent businesses and capabilities needed to meet the new normal of your business when we get to the other side.

SCORE Webinar, “Navigating Long-Term Uncertainty and the Aftermath of Disruption”

Key to any leadership role is the ability to provide a sense of informed direction and a sense of calm when situational demands exceed internal resources. Uncertainty can cause us to feel ‘blind’ and unsure about our own strengths and intuition.

This webinar, presented by The Crisis Tamer Lisa Dinhofer, will provide ‘navigational tools’ for working with uncertainty and planning for the aftermath of disruption.

This session will provide practical steps for:

  • Identifying the often missed opportunities of ‘not knowing’
  • Effectively using clarity, ‘knowing’ and confidence during disruption
  • Finding gold in the ‘gap’ between the problem and finding the solution
  • The critical role Values play in managing uncertainty for yourself and your team
  • Planning for what we never think about in the aftermath of disruption

Need a Website for your Business?

If you want to build your own we recommend using WIX or Squarespace.  Both are free to build but will require payment for domain registration and hosting.

Click here to learn more about WIX.  Click here for a video tutorial on how to build a website using WIX.

Click here to learn more about Squarespace.  Click here for a video tutorial on how to build a website using Squarespace.

Understanding Cash Flow – A Critical Component to the Life of Your Business

Business Continuity Plan for Small Businesses-18 protection steps 

Developing Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Trademarks & Copyrights – Is Your Brand Protected?

How to Take Your Business Global in the Digital Age

7 Ways For Your Small Business To Make Money on Amazon