The majority of Market Square Park is owned by the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) and The UrbanWoody Brewery.  Priority will be given to events sponsored by the City of Fostoria, The UrbanWoody Brewery, the Farmers and Artisans Market, and entities associated with the Community Improvement Corporation. The duration of any event in Market Square Park cannot exceed 48 hours.

To request use of Market Square Park, please submit the following application to the Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau no less than 30 days prior to the date of the proposed activity and 45 days prior if alcohol is to be served during the event. Submitting an application and paying the application fee does not guarantee event approval.


Downtown Fostoria plays host to a number of annual and reoccurring events. Visit the following site:  for the most up to date listing of events. 


The permit application process begins when you submit a completed Market Square Park Event Application to the Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau (FAVB). Keep in mind that receipt of your application should in no way be construed as final approval or confirmation of your request. A representative from the FAVB will contact you upon receiving the application and thereafter will serve as your primary point of contact for the processing of your permit. Copies of the application are forwarded to and reviewed by FAVB, The UrbanWoody Brewery and the City of Fostoria. You may be contacted individually by these departments or agencies only if they have specific questions or concerns about your event. Events may be subject to inspection by the Fostoria Fire Department.  Throughout the review process you will be notified if your event requires any additional information, permits, licenses or certificates. During the initial application reviewing process, you will be allowed time to provide us with all pending documents (e.g. certificate of insurance, secondary permits, etc.). These items must be received before issuing an Event Permit. Delays in providing these items often delay our ability to finish our review process and approve your application in a timely manner. Failure to comply with the terms of the permit application, post event trash removal and other policies and procedures may result in future permit denial or fees and penalties.


The Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability status or age in provision of services.


A nonrefundable processing fee must be received within five working days of the submitted application. Please send or deliver payment to the FOSTORIA AREA VISITORS BUREAU, 342 Perry Street, Fostoria, Ohio 44830.  The name of the event must be documented in the memo line of the check or made known to the cashier taking payment. If you have questions about the payment category please call the FAVB at 419-435-0486.

Festival, art show or event held for one day   $75

Festival, art show or event held for one day with use of Stage  $300

Festival, art show or event held for two or consecutive days   $150

Festival, art show or event held for two consecutive days with use of Stage  $500

Commercial motion picture or television production for one day      $50

*additional fees for stage use help offset costs for electrical use, wear and tear and property owner liability insurance. 



Organizers of events featuring food service must contact the Seneca County Health Department to determine if additional permits are required.  Complete guidelines and applications for temporary food events are available at


Food trucks must have a valid permit with the City of Fostoria and a valid State of Ohio Mobile Food Vendor License. These permits may require inspection from Seneca County Health Department and Fostoria Fire Department.  


If hosting an event with alcohol you will be required to apply for and obtain a liquor license with the Ohio Department of Commerce/Division of Liquor Control,

Applications may be completed on-line and will require a filing fee. All liquor permit applications MUST be completed and submitted 30 days prior to your event. Copy of liquor permit application and the issued liquor license will need to be given to the Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau as part of your Market Square Event permit.


If snow fencing is needed to meet the requirements of a liquor permit, fencing may be obtained from the City of Fostoria.  Fencing must be requested at time permit application is filed.  Event organizers are responsible for putting up and tearing down snow fencing. 


Applicants shall provide proof of liability insurance acceptable to FAVB and written for no less than the limits cited 30 days prior to the event. If one policy has several categories, the amount of coverage must be at least $1,000,000.

EVENT TYPE                                                                         MINIMUM LIMIT OF INSURANCE

Food & Beverage: Sale or Distribution to General Public                  $1,000,000 per occurrence

Outdoor Staged Entertainment                                                           $500,000 per occurrence

Amusement Devices                                                                           $500,000 per occurrence

Parades & Other Miscellaneous Activities                                         $500,000 per occurrence

(required for parades with motor vehicles)

Sporting Events: Requiring Street Closure Major Throughfare         $1,000,000 per occurrence

Sporting Events: Not Requiring Street Closure                                  $500,000 per occurrence

The FAVB does not sell insurance. However, this type of insurance policy can be acquired from most private insurance carriers. The Community Improvement Corporation & if using the stage, The UrbanWoody Brewery must be named as an additional insured and the certificate must include the following information:

  • Certificate Holder: Community Improvement Corporation of Fostoria

                                (& if applicable, The UrbanWoody Brewery)

  • Description of date(s) of event or a statement that the coverage is for all events held on town

   property during the policy period

  • Products Liability Coverage: For sale or distribution of food and beverage
  • Liquor Liability Coverage: For sale or distribution of alcoholic beverage

The FAVB reserves the right to modify the cited minimum liability insurance limits based on the nature and degree of risks to the public with permission of CIC and The UrbanWoody Brewery.

Liability insurance is required for these events. Final consideration of the event application will be pending until a certificate of liability insurance is provided.


If you require electrical service, you will be required to disclose the location and amount needed.

Generators: Electrical service required beyond that which is generally available must be provided for by the applicant. Restrictions may apply to specific sites and to the type of generators allowed in the event area. Generators cannot be refueled during the event. Only single plug extension cords are allowed in the event area. If more than one item needs to be plugged in, an outlet strip with a built-in breaker may be used if not overloaded. Zip cords and multi-plug adaptors are not allowed.


Event organizers are responsible for securing portable restrooms for use unless other accommodations have been arranged.  All portable restrooms should be removed no more than 2 days after the event.

Event organizers are responsible for providing trash receptacles and dumpsters as well as the disposal of all trash during and after the event unless special arrangements have been made with the City. 

Law Enforcement: The City of Fostoria will assist applicants with determining the number of police officers necessary for the event. Depending on the size and type of activities, the town may require additional police personnel, above and beyond those who are working the event as part of their regular workday. The fee for this service will be shared with the applicant prior to finalizing the application, and payment will be due at the conclusion of the event. Requests for additional police officers may be made by contacting Officer Justin Kiser at Fostoria Police Department, 419-435-8573.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services: The City of Fostoria will assist applicants with determining the need for fire and emergency medical services for the event and will work with the applicants to determine the proper set up location.

 Market Square Park Event Permit Application